Growing Your Business With a CRM: Top 10 Benefits


So your business is growing, you’re adding new clients, growing your sales team and now your trying to shuffle the ever-growing communications between emails, spreadsheets and meeting notes. Perhaps you’ve tried out a CRM before and had not really taken full advantage of all its capabilities, or maybe this is your first time looking into how a CRM may help your business.


Let us help break down the top ten benefits some of our clients have noted have really helped them not only manage their business, but also see growth because of a properly managed CRM.


Top 10 CRM Benefits:



A fully open and accessible view of the customer. With a CRM, like Zoho, everyone on your team can get a full feel of the customer, their profile, purchasing patterns and any other attributes will be of immense value to a company. This is one of the greatest benefits of a success CRM.



Data-driven sales and service interactions: Data can alert a salesperson of upcoming and past transactions, a milestone birthday of a key client, and more. This can lead to better relationships and better sales and client satisfaction.



The ability to offer personalized experiences to a client based on his/her preferences when they interact with the sales and service teams. Things as trivial as how to address them (Ms. Austin or just Jane) or what language they wish to speak or what time should you call to more serious things like content customization, price customization could lead to the superior client experience.



Cross-team interactions and collaboration. Once info is entered in the CRM, like SugarCRM, any member of the team at any time can hop in and work with clients. No worrying about if a member of the team needs to take a few weeks off and how their clients will be managed in their absence.



Better customer outreach, being able to drive campaigns based on a variety of segments to get the best communication to the right customers, whether past clients, current clients or potential clients.  You can draft emails that are specific, catchy and personalized to get the best traction.



Better internal communication between your different departments. Allow the marketing team and sales team to collaborate and communicate on projects, rather than each team working in silos.  Connect the key plays within your organization with instant and easy to receive methods.



More accessibility for remote workers. In this time of more people working remotely a properly run CRM will allow the work to continue seamlessly as though everyone was together working in one room.  Productivity is measured by reviewing deliverables, reports and company related initiatives.



Access to mobile and offline modes. Teams can be more productive while on the road.  Most CRMs now deliver the full CRM experience on smartphones, tablets and other internet enabled devices.  Enable your teams to be more productive and get key information in real time.



Lower operational cost: By reducing friction in interactions and transactions, a CRM transformation helps lower operational costs.



Effective Sales Forecasting: Modern CRM systems allow for more streamlined sales forecasting.  Sales teams can predict future growth based on a pipeline of leads, look at quotas and make informed business decisions.


The volume and value of a CRM’s true benefits vary by the size of the company, customer expectations, sales and service model. However, the key determinant is what is the strategy and the areas of focus.

Before you derive the benefits of a CRM, you must have a fully planned approach. That is where we at CRM Experts step in to help you choose the right CRM for your company and develop a well-defined strategy and a roadmap to get all the benefits you need.