The Most Undervalued CRM Capabilities

For many businesses CRM systems can be a real lifesaver. Monitoring and automatically updating your sales pipeline and being able to cross communicate with team members regardless of geographical boundaries makes it an invaluable tool.


However, you can get a lot more productivity if you utilize all of the CRM capabilities, after all, these features of CRM are already included in your subscription, but for some reason, likely lack of time or knowledge, many people do not take advantage of them.



Tags are a quick and efficient way to label groups, team members, contacts, projects, leads, emails, and opportunities in a CRM system. They are very effective at organizing groups of contacts or projects by some shared distinction like geographic location, role at the company, temporary usage of an item or equipment, etc.


Tagging is an excellent way to quickly share information with everyone viewing a record on a given task, especially when you have multiple sales reps talking to the same person. Start doing this, and you’ll inevitably notice an improvement in processes.0


Start and end dates

Although seemingly insignificant, these features of CRM have many uses. When faced with time-sensitive situations, setting a start day on a task can help team members set more realistic expectations. Rather than waiting for a task to become past due and try to finish it ASAP, start dates add a sense of urgency to a given task, and accelerate its completion.


End dates are very similar to deadlines, but with a few tweaks. Depending on the task, the dates may be adjusted. For instance, if during the lead nurturing process, you find that the contact will be unavailable for a week, you can extend the end date. Also, nobody knows the workload of a given team member better than they do. When a task has both a start and end date, the person who accepts the task mutually agrees that the timeline is realistic. If it’s not, you can work together to adjust one of them.


This is especially great in the remote environment where people are more focused on time management than ever before.


Mobile Apps

Everyone has a smartphone these days, so it makes sense to utilize the amazing technology inside them to benefit your business. Take customer relationship management on a remote device using mobile CRM programs and apps. Staff can view data and receive valuable alerts about campaigns on a mobile device.


Web Analytics Integration

Integrating web analytics doesn’t just allow you to collect data on who is visiting your website. It analyzes raw data, identifies problem areas, suggests ways to improve and provides insights into the way your user base interacts with your website. CRM systems provide intuitive ways to collect and access these statistics from your UI.


Just like with your business, when developing your CRM strategy, there is always room for improvement. Modern customers subconsciously demand special attention to details that are easy to miss, which can result in a lost deal. Using all the CRM capabilities described above will help you substantially improve your teams’ processes, productivity, and efficiency, and cater your contacts with the highest quality service.


With CRM Experts we help you decide what CRM capabilities your business would best benefit from and put those features to use.  It’s time to make the most of your CRM subscription.  Contact us today.