Take control of your business with HubSpot 

With HubSpot sales tools your team can easily manage and complete their daily tasks, including sending emails to prospects, making calls, and booking meetings all while streamlining communications, including incoming emails or messages. 


Monitor your team’s sales progress, identify areas of improvement, and make sure the team is on track to hit their sales goals. 


Send sales emails

With HubSpot, you can send sales emails from a contact record using the HubSpot Sales email extension or add-in in your email inbox, or using the HubSpot mobile app. With CRM Experts we have monthly support packages that can assist you in learning how to transition to HubSpot then schedule the emails that will really drive sales.


Analyze sales 

Have the opportunity to review the impact of your sales efforts once you set up your sales tools and start to generate sales. You can either use a pre-made template or customize your dashboard to track your sales team’s progress. To kick off using HubSpot to accelerate sales contact CRM Experts to walk you through the process.


Track deals

As the deals start coming in now is the time to track potential revenue opportunities. You can store information such as close date, deal amount, and deal owner in a deal record. Monitor your deals in a pipeline as they move through different stages to identify and resolve any roadblocks. When it’s time to close a deal and make a sale, you can create a quote directly from the deal record. 


Close more deals and increase revenue for your business using HubSpot’s sales tools. Contact CRM Experts to see how we can help you get ahead with HubSpot.