Setting Up a Successful CRM

Finding and implementing a CRM which provides people in the organization with the information they need at the right time is difficult. The challenges in CRM implementation are considerable and most organizations don’t start the process with enough planning.


The CRM planning process is normally carried out by specialists like the team at CRM Experts Online. We have an understanding of CRMs and work to make sure that the system is set up correctly and that the data migrates. 


CRM Experts Online is there to help your business realize the goals it set when you first decided to select a CRM. It is part of our job to ensure you achieve your goals.


A change management plan should underpin the new software implementation process. This process will be different for every organization, but some well-worn steps help to smooth the transition:


Plan how you’ll manage the change brought about by CRM implementation, this involves breaking down the project into manageable stages and creating key milestones, including:


  • User training and engagement
  • Data migration
  • Testing 
  • Go-live


Good luck with the CRM implementation! Remember: it’s hard work but it will pay off if you’ve planned your project correctly.  Contact CRM Experts Online to discuss how we can help make the implementation a successful one!