How to Track the ROI of Your Marketing Investment Using CRM


If you asked most small to midsize business owners if they are tracking the ROI or the “return on investment” of their marketing and advertising campaigns most would say no. As a business owner, it is key to be on top of your ROI to better understand what campaigns are actually working for your business and generating leads.


Here are some pain points of a business that doesn’t track marketing ROI:


  • Unable to track how much revenue is made from expensive social media campaigns.
  • Lacks a centralized place to manage and view all sales and marketing efforts.
  • Pays top dollar for an ad agency to interpret and analyze marketing data.

Now if you already have a CRM system in place, we’ve got a solution. Our highly specialized team at CRM Experts Online can help you track your ROI and all of your campaigns within your CRM.


Here’s our approach:


Let’s integrate your active campaigns into your CRM Campaign Module from all of those external sources you’ve been using, like Google Adwords, Facebook, Zapier, or Wufoo and enable your CRM to collect lead data and conversion metrics from each of those campaigns in real-time. From the campaigns module, we will help you pull reports which can then be viewed on your CRM’s analytics dashboard.


The result:


A unified platform to house all of your marketing campaign data with easy-to-understand visual metrics to track your ROI.


Our dedicated marketing team can even help draft your next email or ad campaign with our expert focus on SEO targeting and click-to-conversion. Let us craft a marketing plan that truly works for you.


If our services sound like a fit for your business– let’s set up a one-hour consultation (on us). Just reach us on our social media channels or at and mention this blog post.