Hitting The Road With A CRM

If your business is like many these days, not only are more of your team members working remotely, but they are also out on the road reengaging with clients and redeveloping in-person relationships.  Because of this, both mobile devices and a mobile sales force have led to the growth of mobile CRMs.

By connecting through a mobile CRM, you allow your sales team access to customer data through an app or through a web-based browser. A key benefit of using a mobile CRM is to allow your salesforce to access real time data while out in the field meeting prospects and customers.

As CRM apps continue to grow and organizations become more flexible in work arrangements to their employees, having a mobile strategy is no longer optional and is quickly becoming a necessity.  And now, mobile versions of good CRM software, like Zoho and SugarCRM, are an up-and-coming contender for the future of work. A mobile customer relationship management approach may just be the new standard when it comes to watching companies continue to grow. 

Having contact management, sales management, and sales pipeline features in your pocket at all times is a powerful proposition.


Mobile CRM advantages

Mobile CRM software, such as the one integrated into Zoho CRM, offers the ability to efficiently track, manage, and respond to certain customer service cases. The specialists at CRM Experts help you with being able to access real-time data on-the-fly letting sales team members get out of the office and into the field, increasing response times and nurturing relationships with customers and prospects.


Remote Work Organization

Being able to use your platform for conducting daily tasks—like composing and sending emails, scheduling meetings and updating contact information—can be liberating. 


Team Collaboration

The SugarCRM Mobile App offers a heightened ability to stay connected both internally and externally. Keep up with your team by opening and sharing files and customer data. Some platforms even offer the ability to dial into meetings from anywhere that’s Cloud accessible. CRM Experts gives your company the ability to work directly with our Software Engineers and Business Analysts by email, chat, or our customer portal.


Data Access

The ultimate advantage of a mobile CRM app quite obviously lies in its ability to provide data, untethered from a desktop. You’ll gain access to customer information, pipeline insights, a dashboard highlighting performance metrics, a full contact list, and calendar integrations in real-time.


Whether you are currently rolling with a CRM or just getting started, allow us at CRM Experts to introduce you to the perks of adding a CRM App to your workflow.  Reach out to us to have a free consultation.