Get The Word Out With Zoho Campaigns

Create attention getting emails then get them in front of the people who matter with Zoho Campaigns.


Zoho Campaigns is designed to create, deliver and monitor email campaigns that could boost the company’s sales and customer base.  


With Zoho Campaigns’ pre-designed templates and drag-and-drop interface, creating an email only takes a few minutes. Take advantage of all Zoho Campaigns can do including:


  • Measure Engagement
  • Scheduled Sending
  • Link Tracking
  • Chain Campaigns
  • Import your newsletter templates
  • Track Recipient Activity
  • Sync From Zoho CRM
  • A/B Test Campaigns
  • Flexible, Customizable Layouts


Email marketing for autoresponders, follow-up emails, and others are optimized through the platform’s automation, as it gives the user access to a robust set of features that could increase engagement and could personalize email interactions to make the campaigns more effective.


Zoho Campaigns allows its users to monitor email campaigns easily by making the list clean and spam-free. It also makes users aware of which design or subject line works more effectively.  Allow CRM Experts Online help you get in front of the right audiences with Zoho Campaigns.