Deepen Your Engagement with Salesforce Health Cloud

Are you looking to develop more personalized experiences for your patients, members, employees, and partners?  With Salesforce Health Cloud you can combine industry experience with technology on a platform proven to provide access to shareable data, visibility to the entire healthcare journey, and meaningful insights.


Shareable data

Salesforce Health Cloud deepens and optimizes the everyday and urgent communications and workflows between patients and providers. CRM Experts can help our organization roll out the platform with our team of experts.


Visibility to the healthcare journey

True patient engagement demands timely, relevant communications and insights across all devices. Salesforce Health Cloud makes it easier to include care coordinators, service agents, and caregivers in personalized healthcare journeys. By connecting EHR data, treatment plans, and patient preferences, providers can drive better outcomes.


Meaningful insights

Whether it’s clinical trial enrollment or therapy-specific services, Salesforce Health Cloud can help you streamline processes, drive innovation, reduce complexity, and see greater results from patient support programs.


Salesforce Health Cloud can be extended to help clients with further needs, whether now or in the future, such as vaccine inventory/supply chain management and the creation of an authenticated community.


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