Why Businesses Should Be Using Zoho Analytics

One of the biggest pros of Zoho is it’s user-friendly interface, which makes it an approachable option for many small to mid-size business owners (though plenty of large companies use it as well – take Ikea and HP for instance). In fact, most of our clients here at CRM Experts Online are utilizing Zoho as their CRM of choice. Why? Zoho makes it easy to understand and lead all aspects of your business so that you don’t need to hire specialists to interpret data and information for you. When a CEO or business owner is using powerful AI and BI tools, running the show becomes that much easier – and one tool that can prove to be highly effective is Zoho Analytics.


Zoho analytics, formerly known as Zoho reports is a self-service business and analytics software that helps you to analyze your business data and easily create reports without having to call in an IT person. Perhaps, one of the best features of Zoho analytics is it’s integration capabilities. Imagine being able to house your financial data from Quickbooks and your sales leads from your CRM all in one place. Maybe you’d like to do a side-by-side analysis of your profitability from last month vs. your new lead generation this month and even generate a cross-functional report to distribute to your staff. Zoho analytics makes tasks like this easy to accomplish with the ability to migrate different softwares and unify them on an easy to navigate dashboard.


Here’s some more of our favorite Zoho Analytics features:


  • Reporting tools made simple. We love their drag and drop designer which makes it easy to visualize complex trends and insights.
  • Access to Zia, an impressive AI assistant that ingests your analytics questions and answers them with auto-generated reports.
  • Multiple ways to feed data. Easily integrate software platforms that are key to your day-to-day operations like Google drive, Zoho docs, Dropbox, etc. Additionally, Zoho Analytics accepts Microsoft Excel, CSV, HTML, JSON, XML, text files and more.
  • Smart Forecasting enables you to predict trends automatically using past data. You can also set data alerts using conditions, which will notify you when there is any spike or dip in your analytics.

Zoho Analytics offers four monthly pricing plans: Basic, Standard, Premium and Enterprise, making this powerful tool an affordable option for businesses of all sizes.