What they don’t tell you about Sugar CRM Community Edition

Although we resell SugarCRM Community Edition, we often get questions as to how we can the CE Edition replicate functionality found in that of SugarCRM Professional. Features like Mobile CRM, Sales Quotes, Project Management, Reports, and much more can be accomplished in SugarCRM Community Edition with just a bit of research, and time in configuration. Here are a couple of ways you can add functionality.

  • Mobile Capability – This is easily accomplished through several 3rd Party plugins like Jet Mobile or QuickCRM. Both offer free and premium versions.
  • Social Integration – SugarCRM Community automatically integrates with LinkedIn out of the box so that you can see your Leads, Contacts and Accounts on LinkedIn using Inside-view’s built in module.  In addition, you can install Zuckerfriends to incorporate and import your Facebook friends into SugarCRM.  Chrome extensions like Social Lead enable you to create leads in SugarCRM from LinkedIn, and Facebook profiles.
  • Reporting – Solutions like K Reporter or Alineasol Reports offer great tools to create reports in your CRM system.
  • Project Management – Don’t believe the hype about SugarCRM Community not having Project Management features.  SugarCRM Community support Projects, Tasks, and Task Assignment out of the box.  In addition, with plugins like this 3rd Party Project Task Notification module you can automatically have your team members automatically notified when they are assigned a task.
  • Outlook & Gmail Integration – SugarCRM Community supports several modules that you can add on that enable synchronization of your Email client contacts, calendars, and tasks.  3rd Party modules like SugarArchiver enable you to accomplish synchronization between SugarCRM & Microsoft Outlook.  Products like DolceGmail certainly make it easy to synch Gmail and SugarCRM using your Firefox browser.

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