What Is Drip Marketing?

The Basics of Drip Campaigns [INFOGRAPHIC] - An Infographic from Pardot

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There is an old marketing adage that says it takes 7 exposures on average before a prospective customer is ready to make a buying decision. The good news is that all of those exposures don’t necessarily have to involve a direct interaction with a human being.

Before the technology was available, sales professionals had to make those exposures by either meeting directly with the prospect or speaking to the prospect over the phone. It was a timely process and a sales person needed to be persistent and consistent to get results.

Thanks to technology, much of this work can be achieve on behalf of the sales person without having to make phone calls or meet the prospect in person all of the time. This is all done by the process of drip marketing.

Drip marketing involves exposing additional information to a prospect in the form of an email. Emails are automatically triggered by either actions by the prospect or by time that has elapsed. The idea behind drip marketing is to provide enough information to the prospect over a period of time so that a buying decision can be made without requiring as many interactions with a sales person.

There are many ways that drip marketing can be used. One of the most common strategies is top-of-mind drips. These are email campaigns that are designed to keep the prospect engaged with the company. By continuing to provide more information and engage the prospect the goal is to provide enough information that the prospect is ready to buy.

There are many ways in which a drip marketing campaign can be set up. For instance, suppose you have a prospect that fills out information on a website requesting a free report. Here is an example of a process that you can use to utilize drip marketing:

  • Send out an email providing the free report as soon as the prospect fills out information.
  • Send out a follow up email 2 days later.
  • If the prospect opens up the follow up email. you can send another email out the next day.
  • If the prospect opens up the follow up email. you can send another email out the next day.

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