Top Free CRM Solutions


They say the best things in life are free and the good news is that can also be true when it comes to selecting a CRM solution. Many businesses see the value in implementing CRM. However, with paid solutions like Salesforce, Microsoft and Oracle costing hundreds, even thousands of dollars per month in user fees, many businesses are scared off by the large price tag.

The good news is that there are many free CRM solutions that are available to you as a business.

By utilizing a free CRM application, a business can experience many of the benefits that a CRM provides without having to make the large investments necessary for some of the top paid solutions.

Here is an article that lists The 10 Best Free and Open Source CRM Software Solutions

There are two types of applications that you can use for CRM. They are open source and closed source. Closed source applications have code that is privately protected and owned by a company or license holder.

Some free CRM solutions are closed source. The problem is most, if not all of these solutions have significant limits on how you can use the program. They are limited by the amount of users that can use the system, the features and functionality of the system, or both. You typically have to upgrade to a paid solution to take these limits off.

Open source solutions often provide fully functional versions of the application at no cost. The challenge is you will need to pay someone to actually configure the application for you. Many companies do provide open sourced applications fully configured so that you can get started. You can use the application out of the box. However, they often charge a price per user.

Here at Service Push, we offer a completely free CRM solution that you can set up and install out of the box. This solution is fully functional and it provides unlimited users and it costs you nothing. This is a huge benefit because most CRM companies, even if they provide a open source solution, they almost always cap the number of users on the free version.

Our free version of SugarCRM provides everything that you need to start managing and tracking your customer interactions right out of the gate. In addition, once you are ready to start leveraging some of the higher value capabilities we offer additional packages that can help you take your CRM to the next level, including a SuiteCRM configuration.

To learn more about our free version of SugarCRM as well as some of our other packages, click this link to learn more. You can also sign up for the free version as well as any of our other packages as well.