Top 3 Reasons to Migrate off Salesforce.Com and move to SuiteCRM



The CRM platform offered by Salesforce is a very popular option with businesses looking to implement customer relationship management. However, there are some challenges and disadvantages that come with a Salesforce implementation.

Many business owners and CRM decision makers opt for Salesforce because it’s the biggest provider and it is the most well known provider. The problem is due to the popularity of Salesforce, they aren’t aware that there are other providers that provide a similar if not better offering for a much lower cost.

Here are the top 3 reasons to migrate off Salesforce and move to SuiteCRM:

Superior features/values for lower costs than Salesforce.

Simpler and more extensive customization options.

Greater flexibility of data storage options and locations.

One of the biggest reasons why many Salesforce businesses switch over to SuiteCRM is because SuiteCRM offers superior features and values for a lower cost than what Salesforce requires. SuiteCRM is an enterprise level solution. It provides the same level of modules and scope that Salesforce provides.

A full Salesforce enterprise implementation includes contact management for businesses to keep track of its contacts. It includes sales and marketing functions so that businesses can generate leads, track sales opportunities and provide extensive reporting.

It provides more advanced features such as email marketing and sales forecasting. It also gives you the ability to combine sales tracking, service tracking and marketing tracking under one solution. Prices start at $300 per user per month and is billed annually. SuiteCRM provides all of these benefits with prices starting at only $75 per month

SuiteCRM also provides simpler and more extensive customization options. Salesforce is a privately owned software as a service offering. Therefore you are limited by the modules provided by the company and the customizations they have thought of. SuiteCRM is an open source software platform. As such, development is not just limited to a small group of programmers that work for the company like Salesforce.

With an open source platform like SuiteCRm, a business has the ability to make whatever customizations that business feels is necessary. This is very important because as your business grows and expands you want your platform to grow and expand as well. It also gives you a higher level of comfort and accountability as any flaws will be discovered by the programming community.

SuiteCRM also provides a greater level of flexibility in the storage and management of the businesses data. With Salesforce the data of a business is stored on the cloud. As the business you have no say so on this. You must turn your data over to Salesforce and trust that it will be manage and protected adequately by them.

SuiteCRM does provide cloud management as well. However, in addition, you also have the option for an on premises installation. An on premises installation allows a business to have full control over how the data is stored and managed. This is very important, particularly for businesses with data that is highly secured and sensitive in nature.

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