SuiteCRM 100 Enhancements Kickstarter Campaign


SuiteCRM is the largest and world’s best open source CRM application. Most CRM application developers are closed source applications. This means that the code is private and can only be modified and enhanced by the owner of the program itself.

An open source application allows anyone to have access to the software code. Modifications and enhancements can be made by anyone at anytime.

Since SuiteCRM is an open source application, there isn’t a for profit team of employees in place to make enhancements to the application. While there is a community of programmers who can work on the application many of these enhancements could provide value to companies right away.

As such, SuiteCRM has launched a kickstarter campaign. The goal of this campaign is to raise money to hire the necessary people to make the desired enhancements to the application. The kickstarter campaign also wants to hire a technical author so that much needed documentation for the application can take place.

In addition, this campaign is designed to protect the long term interest of SuiteCRM by making sure it always remains an open source application. To do this, a non for profit organization will be set up to hold the code so that no one can come along in the future and try to make the application closed source.

At Service Push, we are in full support for the enhancement of SuiteCRM. We currently host SuiteCRM and offer a number of different packages designed to fit the needs of your business. Here is a list of the packages that we offer and what is included in each package.

There are a number of benefits that SuiteCRM offers when compared to other service providers. For starters, it is the largest open source development and business model in the CRM space.  Price is not the only benefit, although it is often a very compelling one.  Other benefits include greater customization capacities, more support options, better security and more freedom.  The following is a comparison of SuiteCRM to other CRM vendors.

A fully funded Kickstarter campaign will provide over 100 enhancements to SuiteCRM. These enhancements will take place in the following modules:

  • User Interface
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Project Management
  • Studio
  • Homepage
  • Resource Management
  • Reporting
  • Rules & Security Groups
  • Integration
  • PDF and Email Templates
  • Searching
  • System Admin
  • Mass Update
  • Workflow
  • Integration
  • Developer
  • Activity Planning
  • Social Media
  • Events

A full list of each of the 100 enhancements is available at the Kickstarter campaign page. You can also donate at that page as well.