Integrate and Find Success

Application integration with your CRM helps bridge the gap between existing on-premises systems and fast-evolving cloud-based enterprise applications. Through seamlessly interconnected processes and data exchanges, application integration allows enterprises to orchestrate a variety of functions across their entire infrastructures, enabling businesses to operate more effectively and efficiently.


Making your business accessible with an app integration really opens up the options for a strong and successful business.  But what are the real benefits of integrating apps to your CRM?


Higher employee productivity
We all have productivity issues. Easily continue conversations when transitioning between accounts. With an app like Gmail Ninja integrated into your CRM you can perform quick email lookups without having to manually search through threads.  Keep your calendar up to date. Gmail Ninja will automatically load all google meetings on your calendar allowing for a more productive and organized day.


Better data flow
Moving data between different systems manually is ineffective, time-consuming, and unproductive. Imagine managing order processing in one tool and invoicing in a completely separate one. Or making sales without instant access to any CRM that helps to manage sales management, customer interactions, marketing campaigns and more. All of that requires tons of work from professionals who should rather focus on the tasks they’re specialized at.  Integrations can minimize or even completely reduce this risk by allowing for smooth data flow and real-life syncing.


Load Balancing
Dividing the work that needs to be done between two or more staff members should be a thing of the past. Your end-users shouldn’t need to operate “swivel chair” integration. It is inefficient to use multiple applications on various computers, shuffling back and forth to get the data they need. Getting more work done in the same amount of time can be achieved through a strong strategy around application integrations.


Optimize Your Inbox
Every email is a sales opportunity. With Gmail Ninja you have the option to sync your Gmail contacts as Leads or Contacts into your SuiteCRM and expedite them to your sales funnel.  Integrating the app to your CRM allows you to get notified when your Leads view your emails within your SuiteCRM, so you know what sales efforts are working, and know what’s already been discussed. Then see the entire email history across your lead or contact within your CRM.


A 360-degree view of customer information
In sales and marketing, the more data about leads and customers is available, the more efficient and personalized campaigns can be. However, when data is scattered and not connected to sales or marketing automation software, the relevant teams rarely take advantage of it. Integrating so everything is all in one easy to access place can lead to more successful sales funnels.


Software integration is truly a game-changer, and numerous businesses have greatly benefited from it. There are possibly countless advantages of integrations, but higher security and productivity, lower costs and improved data flow are probably the top reasons why you should start integrating platforms that you use.