How to set contacts in SugarCRM?

How to set contacts in SugarCRM?

Contacts are people related to sales accounts. There is a tab Sales -> Contacts which brings you to a list with all the contacts.


To add new contacts click on the Create Contact link.


You are taken to a page with numerous fields. There you can store quite detailed information for your contact. You don’t have to fill all the fields, but the Family Name is mandatory. Once you are ready save the new contact.

Another way to add a contact is by clicking on Create Contact From vCard. The difference is that here you can import a contact from a vCard by uploading the file.


Also, the contacts can be imported through a .csv file after opening the Import Contacts area.


It is useful to know that Contacts can be exported to a .csv file. This is done by checking the box next to the Contact’s name and picking the Export option from the Actions drop-down menu.


How to create accounts in SugarCRM?

For managing your accounts, click on the Accounts tab. Creating an account is just as easy as everything else in this very user friendly application.


Click on the Create Account link. It is recommended to fill in as much information as you have so that everyone can benefit from it. The only mandatory field is the account Name.

accounts2Creating LeadsOpportunitiesCasesTasks, scheduling Meetings and Calls is similar to the mentioned above. Just follow the links on the Shortcuts menu on the home page. Click on the corresponding tab for more details and operations.

How to share documents in SugarCRM?

Sharing documents is an incredibly useful and convenient feature in SugarCRM which allows you to upload files and share them with your team. You can specify revision details, full description and expiration date for them. Efforts have been again focused on providing an intuitive working environment.