How to do a Repair and Rebuild on SuiteCRM

Whenever you have an issue with SuiteCRM or SugarCRM, and you are not sure what to do; try running a Quick Repair and Rebuild in the Admin section of CRM. Repair and Rebuild is usually the first step to try fixing any common reasons for CRM breaking. So if you notice any inconsistencies with your CRM, such as with the dashlets, contacts, and timesheets seeming to look broken, a repair and rebuild may be the answer to the problem.

In addition to doing maintenance to your CRM, a Repair and Rebuild is useful after performing any significant changes to your CRM. For example, if you created a new field in Studio and then notice inconsistencies to your CRM, go into Admin and perform a “Quick Repair and Rebuild”.

(The Repair menu is only available to administrator in Sugar and SuiteCRM.)

Step 1) Go to the “Admin” section of your CRM.

Step 2) Scroll down to “Repair”.

Step 3) Choose “Quick Repair and Rebuild”.

Step 4) Sometimes you will be asked to run the Script. Click “Execute”.