Find out how Gantt Chart Ninja works with Timesheet Ninja!

Are you using Timesheet Ninja to track the amount of time your employees are spending on Projects and Project Tasks?

Timesheet Ninja and Timesheet Ninja Enterprise are productivity tools that give users the ability to log time against all modules in CRM. This includes logging time against Projects and Project Tasks, which for project managers is an essential part of their role because in order to complete a project, project managers need to come up with a project plan to kick off their projects. This is where Gantt Chart Ninja comes in because Gantt Chart Ninja is essential to project management and estimating productivity.

How Timesheet Ninja and Gantt Chart Ninja can work Together:

  • With Gantt Chart Ninja, project managers can create a project plan using the Gantt Chart tool and assign to their resources. Resources will be able to log against the tasks that were created in the Gantt Chart on their Timesheet.
  • In Gantt Chart Ninja, project managers can create a timeline and have the ability to report if the project fell between the deadline or over the deadline in the Timesheet Ninja Reporting Module.
  • Using both tools, management can gain the ability to accurately forecast time on similar projects based on what time was inputted into similar projects.
  • Management will get a more clear understanding on where their resources are best suited for specific projects.
  • Timesheet Ninja makes it easy to invoice customers/clients based on the time inputted into the timesheet system and also keep customers/clients up to date with how much time is being spent on tasks.

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