Do More With Your CRM: Streamline Accounting Needs

Imagine the convenience of streamlining back-office operations, and managing all financial transactions from a single hub – the same hub that you run your CRM from, your social promotions, email campaigns, and more. This is all possible with Zoho Books.


Sales people can keep in line with their most important bills and invoices. Then from the client’s perspective, this means unrestricted payments from all locations, receiving timely payment requests and reminders on recurrent bills, and even auto-charge options.


Think of how convenient it would be for all users to have the possibility to adjust finance management to their project structure, and designate tasks and projects from any device using one software. Zoho Books guarantees all work will be completed on time, monitored both during and after office hours, and that clients will be billed with only a few clicks.


Small, medium and large teams rely on Zoho to maximize the potential of their budget, boost sales, and bring clients on board. Overall, Zoho offers 25 apps synchronized for flawless functionality, and Books is both one of them and a standalone product designed for companies to face their accounting challenges.


So are you ready to incorporate Zoho Books into your business but need a little assistance?  Contact CRM Experts, and we will do the heavy lifting.  Some things we will help you to achieve includes:


  • Integration with Zoho Apps
  • Out of the Box Integration
  • Workflow Customization
  • Template Customization
  • Data Import
  • Reporting
  • Automations


Contact CRM Experts today to kick start Zoho Books!