CRM Social Collaboration Ninja

The new Social Collaboration Ninja addon will make it easy for your team to collaborate on any record in CRM. This tool will allow your sales, service, and marketing teams to collaborate on potential and new deals though a conversation tool in the record. This new tool will increase your businesses ability to track communications between users and keep everyone up to date.

Key Features of Social Collaboration Ninja:

Collaboration View: Everything is found in the collaboration view in each module. 

Custom Modules: This addon works with custom modules as well.

Tag Users: Social Collaboration Ninja lets you tag users in CRM to bring them into the conversation. This is important because it will keep users in the loop from prospecting new leads and giving them a heads up on specific information to note in CRM.

Project Management: Use Social Collaboration Ninja to manage projects by noting on the record. This makes it easy for project managers to note on changes or post updates to specific users.