Coming Soon: SuiteCRM and Twilio SMS Ninja!

What is Twilio?

Twilio is a cloud communication platform that is used to make and revive text messages and phone calls through the use of Twilio’s API. This allows you to create messages, route customers, and keep customers in the loop of what is going on in your business.

Why Connect CRM with Twilio? 

Connecting CRM with Twilio brings many benefits to your business. Combining Twilio and Suite CRM improves engagement, coordination, and your customer satisfaction. With Twilio, you can engage your contacts in CRM and store the history of those text messages or calls in CRM. In addition, you can coordinate when is the best time to reach out to your contacts through text message, which will increase your customer satisfaction.

What does SuiteCRM and Twilio SMS Ninja do?

SuiteCRM and Twilio SMS Ninja gives you the ability to:

1) Send Text Messages through Twilio from SuiteCRM to your Leads, Contacts.
2) Send mass text messages for text marketing campaigns.
3) Have Conversations – Receive inbound responses using the Inbound SMS Console.

SuiteCRM and Twilio SMS Ninja has the functionality to send text messages to your customers straight from your SuiteCRM system. This eliminates the need to use several tools at once. When installed in SuiteCRM, you can send mass text messages all from one place. This saves time for your Sales, Marketing, and Customer support teams from switching to another application to send text message about promotions, support queries, etc. All your customer data will remain in SuiteCRM and the history of what was sent will remain in the Contact and Leads record.

Coming Soon!

Expected Release: December 2017.