3 Reasons to Automate Social Media Leads with CRM

Social Relationship Management or Social Customer Relationship Management tools are all the buzz today when it comes to finding leads for your business. Most companies and sales teams invest heavily to find Social tools to generate leads from free online tools like SocialMention.Com to paid services like SproutSocial or Hootsuite.

These are often great tools for Marketers to publish content, but they often fail as effective Sales tools. The key reasons are that these monitoring and engagement tools don’t seamlessly integrate into your CRM platforms. The business impact is that leads are lost in the process, and momentum is lost when handing things off from a team in Marketing engaging customers to a sales person.  Here are the top 3 reasons you should automate your Social Media Leads into your CRM Platform instead of handing them off from your Social Monitoring system to a sales person:

1) Efficiency & Quality of Leads – As a small business owner or sales person, you don’t often have time to monitor every conversation from Facebook or Twitter users around your industry. In addition, most of the conversations taking place over social networks may not directly turn into a sale. Using Service Push CRM Automated Lead Generation integration, you can optimize your monitoring and lead creation efforts to narrow down the conversations that are relevant to a sale, and have that conversation automatically generate as a lead in your CRM system for follow up. This saves your company, and sales and marketing teams hours of time per day.  Leads are often warmer than colder by querying only for those conversations that are relevant to a sale.

2) Unified view of Sales & Marketing Activity – By integrating social media sales leads directly into a CRM platform, your marketing and sales teams have direct insight into prospecting and conversion activity on a lead or an account.  This enables your company to effectively cross sell and upsell to a prospect while aligning sales with marketing efforts and visa versa.  Your analytics for campaign management and lead conversion are already in CRM so these leads automatically appear in your CRM reports where the organization as a whole can see the overall effectiveness of your efforts.

3) Improved Conversion Rates – Most prospects on Social Networks are often asking for advice or recommendations from others asking questions like “What phone does everyone recommend?”.  When your sales people follow up in a Social context, their approach is more personable and followed with a consultative approach most sales people can get closer to winning deals.  Why?  Because people buy from people, not companies or brands!  Consumers are more likely  conversate with an individual than a company Facebook page or Twitter handle.  This personal engagement results in higher conversion rates across your products or service because the sale is more personal, and consumers are handled by a person not a company or brand.

Check out our automated lead generation integration with SugarCRM video below. Also available for Salesforce.Com.