Video: Using SuiteCRM for Project Management with Gantt Chart Ninja

Creating project plans in the current versions of Suite or SugarCRM is clunky and is inefficient. To create a project plan, you have to click 3 to 5 times to create 1 project task. This not only takes time, but does not allow a project manager to build large implementation plans and intuitively see the logical order of tasks in the system.

Gantt Chart Ninja gives you a graphical user interface that enables you to build your project plan right within Sugar or SuiteCRM by providing an intuitive Project Plan and Gantt Chart layout. Creating a Project Plan and a project task is reduced to 1 click only. Changing dates associated to existing project tasks is done with a click and drag across a calendar timeline. This greatly increases the speed in creating project plans, and gives project stakeholders 1 place to view all project tasks and status.  Check out our video below, and purchase it on our store for SuiteCRM or SugarCRM.