Zoho Essentials Development and Support Package

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Zoho Essentials Development and Support Package

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Discover efficient, virtual support tailored to your needs with the Zoho Essentials Development and Support Package by CRM Experts. Designed for businesses that require reliable, ticket-based assistance and expert guidance without the need for a dedicated customer success manager or live calls, this package provides a streamlined solution for ongoing Zoho support and development.


Our Package Includes:

Ticket-Based Support: Submit and track your support requests through our CRM Experts ticketing system, ensuring your issues are addressed promptly and effectively.

Development: Our certified Zoho developers will handle your customization and development needs, enhancing your Zoho platform to better suit your business processes.

Administration: Benefit from professional administration services to maintain and optimize your Zoho applications, ensuring smooth operation and improved performance.

Consulting: Receive expert consulting on best practices, process improvements, and strategic use of Zoho tools to maximize your return on investment.

Online Collaboration: Utilize our online collaboration tools for seamless communication and project management, keeping you connected and informed every step of the way.


Service Tiers:

Essential Support – 2 Hours / Month
Ideal for businesses with minimal support needs, providing essential ticket-based assistance and development services.

Enhanced Support – 5 Hours / Month
Perfect for growing businesses, offering a balance of support, development, and consulting to support your expanding requirements.

Comprehensive Support – 10 Hours / Month
Designed for businesses with more complex needs, delivering extensive support, development, and consulting services to drive your success.



2 Hours / Month: $136.00 / month
5 Hours / Month: $340.00 / month
10 Hours / Month: $680.00 / month


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