SuiteCRM Marketing Enterprise

Ever think you are spending too much time transferring information between SuiteCRM and MailChimp?

With SuiteCRM Marketing Professional packages, the data will automatically sync between your CRM and MailChimp. This will save you and your team countless time to work on other projects.

Using MailChimp and CRM without an integration is a hassle because you have to manually move information between the systems. It takes too much time keeping the data between the two up-to-date because you have to export the data from CRM, import it to MailChimp, send out the campaign, then export the results from MailChimp and import that information into Sugar. This is time you and your team can spend on important tasks and projects.

SuiteCRM Marketing Professional does this all for you!


SuiteCRM Marketing Enterprise

Key Features of SuiteCRM Marketing Professional Packages:

Effective Marketing: SuiteCRM Marketing Professional will allow you to send more effective campaigns with personalized emails to your customers.

Automated Marketing: You can automate your marketing with Custom Filters. Whenever a new lead comes into the system, you can have the lead automatically added to your marketing lists based on simple or complex rules.

Track Campaigns: Campaigns are a great tool and an effective way to see what people are engaging with. Campaigns are great for more effective sales calls, support engagement, and so on.

These features will make your business more efficient and drive focus in areas to make your team more productive.

Included in the SuiteCRM Marketing Pro package:

SuiteCRM Marketing Pro is perfect for a medium to large businesses!

Features include:

  1. Synchronize Unlimited Target List and Campaign.
  2. Synchronize Unlimited Leads between MailChimp and CRM.
  3. Synchronize  Unlimited Contacts to MailChimp and view Campaign details in CRM.
  4. Dedicated CRM Marketing Specialist.
  5. Priority Email Support.
  6. Live Virtual Training.