How to set up email in SugarCRM

The email functionality in SugarCRM has some sophisticated options. On one hand you can send emails from your account at SugarCRM provided you’ve specified the right settings. If you haven’t done that already proceed to Admin -> Email Settings. In the general case your settings should look like this:


Select the checkbox next to Use SMTP Authentication and enter the corresponding username and password. You can use an mail account at SiteGround for sending mails. At the end click Save. Now you’ll be able to send mails right from SugarCRM.

Alternatively, you can use the predefined settings for Gmail, Yahoo and Microsoft Exchange accounts.


Inbound Email Setup

Next we’ll take a look at the incoming mail options. For this purpose navigate to your Admin section. Then click on theInbound Email link at the bottom and choose New Group Mail Account.


Specify the mail settings in the first box. The bottom box is quite interesting. You can choose the possible handling for the incoming mails. Explore all possibilities and choose the appropriate for you.